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Behind Every Building is a Great Idea


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Behind Every Building is a Great Idea.

It was this thought, unearthed during the brand positioning workshop, that led to our brand solution. Because every design is a ‘one-off’ developed to reflect the individuality of each client, we created the new identity using different letter styles to demonstrate this originality, combined carefully to show the relationship of the letterforms.

“Initially we asked Motif to create a new website for the company. They suggested a first step might be to review our brand positioning to help explain better who we are and what we provide. We agreed and decided on holding a workshop with all my staff involved. It was great idea not just for the team building benefit but also how we collectively arrived at what makes us different - recognising every client is unique and every solution we create is an original. This simple compelling idea is now embedded in all we do - how we think, what we say and what we deliver.”

Doug Hughes