Releasing the artist


Advertising / Video Animation / Exhibition / Social Media

We were asked by Datapath to create an advertising campaign to promote their new Wall Designer software. The software allows you to select your monitors and arrange and orientate them onto a canvas. The images on the screens can be overlapped, broken up, repeated and configured in any way to support any creative splice of source material. This means that many unusual screen arrangements can be created, with uneven gaps and different mixes of monitor orientations and projections.

Our solution promised to 'Release the Artist' in everybody that uses the software. Now everyone can unleash their imagination and get creative. We drew parallels with Mural artists and their creative freedom and produced a series of images that showed both mural artist and Datapath’s Wall Designer working in harmony.

Once the adverts were under way we commissioned artist Sam Minton to create a mural at Datapath’s offices, whilst we worked on the animation, Sam created a fitting mural that was themed on a Day in Milan. The end result was so fantastic the client wanted to recreate it at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, one of the world’s biggest Audio Visual conferences. It was incredibly well received and attracted additional visitors to the Datapath Stand.