Karen Balderson

I love my job. 

Boring? Nah. Fun and enjoyable? You betcha! They say variety is the spice of life, and every day brings something fresh, different and rewarding. It's all thanks to our lovely clients who give us such an array of varied and interesting work. I get great satisfaction seeing a printed brochure or a completed website knowing that we've done a great job and our clients are happy bunnies.

Originally from Bradford in West Yorkshire I moved some 20+ years ago and never looked back. I have many years' experience within the design industry, which I'm putting to good use here at Motif. I'm a portrait artist in my spare time - working with graphite pencils on such subjects as children, pets, popstars and filmstars. I love to travel abroad seeing different cultures, history and architecture, and I love to take photographs of my travels. I got married in Las Vegas, and am the proud owner of 2 delightful gerbils.