The story of the specialist.

We were tasked with developing a campaign to launch the new Unidrive M750 servo drive range in a way that would appeal to machine builders and system integrators, whilst reinforcing Nidec's position as the global drives specialist.

The specific challenge faced by customers was the need for improved performance and power density from a smaller unit, as cabinet space was often limited. The solution was to design the drive with the smallest footprint on the market without compromising power.

The campaign relied on the attributes of Eddie Hall - the world's strongest man (at the time) to compare power to size ratio of the drive and show what can be achieved if you are single-minded and dedicated to your task.

This story reveals itself by linking Eddie's recognised attributes with those of the Unidrive M750, culminating in a brand experience that is memorable through a positive association with 'power'.

Eddie's story of becoming world class, echoed Nidec's story of being world leader.