The story of the battle of biomass.

In a world where biomass measurement is vital to the success of industries such as brewing, bio-renewable and biofuel, one company stood out as the genius inventor of a unique method that uses radiofrequency impedance. Aber Instruments. Their trusted technology soon became the go-to brand for major players in the industry.

But even the inventor gets challenged at some point. So, with the arrival of a very determined competitor, Aber needed a story that demonstrated their forward-looking vision of how they were working to anticipate the needs of the 'lab of the future'.

The solution was to make their innovative technology usable in every biomass vessel, whatever the size and application, in use now or in the development pipeline.

The messaging and visual treatment, built on a family of 'Able' words, showed how Aber think of themselves as much more than just a specialist tech solution provider. But also how they challenge convention and find better ways of doing things so they remain the pioneering force in biomass measurement well into the future.