Chloe Ewart

Video & Motion Graphics


Our video and motion graphics artist, Chloe wields the magic of her creativity and technical skills to make her designs come alive. And when she's not casting spells on her computer, Chloe loves to explore the great outdoors of the muggle world with her partner and Samson the dog. An imagination as wild as a hippogriff, the natural world is full of enchanted forests and hidden secrets, mystical creatures at every corner.

When she's not wandering far-off landscapes? She's enchanting tastebuds in the kitchen. Conquering the gaming realms. Or crafting some magic and capturing these moments with her camera. In case you missed it, Harry Potter is Chloe's ultimate obsession. We know she's not Hermione Granger but with her video sorcery skills, we think she might be a wizard.