Eyam Hall (National Trust)
An enduring spirit


Branding / Literature / Signage

Eyam is well-known as the plague village in Derbyshire where, in the summer of 1665, they selflessly quarantined the village to prevent the deadly disease spreading to neighbouring communities.

Our task was to help create a new visual identity for the destination and encourage visitors to think deeply about the events of that disastrous summer and created a series of ‘Walk Thoughts’ as part of four short walks that retold individual stories of loss and survival. The Eyam’s Walk leaflet uses stylized imagery to illustrate the four walks each characterized through curious and emotive titles such as The Two Survivors, The Three Decisions, The Lone Mother and The Lovers.

The Hall and Shop were given new directional and interpretation signage all restyled in the National Trust brand using bold distinctive colours to give visitors a strong sense of continuity. We’re very proud of our work at Eyam, and in particularly, playing our small part in ensuring this enduring story remains alive well into the future.